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White Denim

Fits Double Vinyl


Release Date: 21/11/2018

Discs: 2

Following the release of ‘Workout Holiday’ and ‘Explosion’, ‘Fits’ is White Denim’s third full length album released in 2009 and containing the singles “Mirrored and Reverse” and “I Start to Run.”

This doubly vinyl package includes bonus LP of their debut album 'Explosion.'

A1 Radio Milk How Can You Stand It
A2 All Consolation
A3 Say What You Want
A4 El Hard Attack DCWYW
A5 I Start To Run
A6 Everybody Somebody

B1 Sex Prayer
B2 Mirrored & Reverse
B3 Paint Yourself
B4 I''d Have It Just The Way We Were
B5 Regina Holding Hands
B6 Syncn

C1 Don't Look That Way At It
C2 Transparency
C3 Ieiei
C4 Wda
C5 Heart From All Of Us
C6 You Can't Say

D1 Shake Shake Shake
D2 All You Really Have To Do
D3 All Truckers Roll
D4 Migration Wind
D5 Sitting